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    How much are you paying for your mortgage?


    Many Canadians do not shop around for the best mortgage rate because they either don’t have the time or find it inconvenient. They don’t like to haggle over what they would consider an insignificant amount of saving such as half a percent or quarter of a percent. But on the contrary, the amount of savings may be quite significant.


    For example, the savings of 0.5% for a mortgage of $200,000 is $1,000 annually. Compound this amount over a 5 year term and we are talking about serious savings here. So many Canadians end up paying thousands of extra dollars in unnecessary interest.


    At Torce Financial Group, our knowledgeable advisors know where to get the best mortgage for our clients. We shop around, on your behalf, from all the available lenders in Canada so that we can provide you with the best rate and term that suits your needs.


    If your mortgage is coming due within the next six months, qualified agent referral service can be provided.